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Astek USB C charger

Astek USB C chargers are adapters with USB C connectors. With this design, it remains the Integrity of mechanical types, safety certifications, and electronic characteristics of adapters and USB C features.

USB power delivery is significant for USB C connector; which is 5V~20V @5A max with programmable power supply 3V~20V, 5A max. USB C connector not only transmit power source and absorb surplus power but also data and signal simutaneously; dual roles of power and dual roles of data. That's why USB type C can reach 3V and 20V with programmable power supply by USB power delivery.

Let's introduce our USB C adaptors as following:
Input Voltage Range: 100~240VAC

Output watt: 5W~90W

Output Voltage: 5V~20V

Compact Size Design

Complete International Safety Approvals: UL, cUL, CE, FCC, CB, and so on.

Environmental Regulation: meet ErP, ROHS, REACH, PFOS, SVHC etc.

Mechanical: Desktop: C14/C8/C6/C18

         Wall Mount: Fixed plug US/EU/UK/AU 2pins/3pins plug Adapters   
 Interchaneable US/EU/UK/AU/Korea/India/South Africa/ China 2pins/3pins plug

100% Burn-in/QA/QC/Chroma tests before deliveries

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