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Story about USB charger adapter

In this world, devices are smaller, more multiple functions and convenient with time. So do charger design, especially USB charger multiple ports. There are USB 1.0/2.0 with 5V/500mA and battery charger 5V/1.5A; USB 3.0 5V/900mA; USB 4.0 3A max @3V/5V/15V/20V, USB power delivery 5V~20V @5A max, USB power delivery with programmable power supply 3V~20V, 5A max.

USB chargers are really miracle like mobile. A mobile is a phone, notebook, camera, TV, MP3secretary, messenger, and exercise trainer and so on. USB chargers catch these demand with dramatic changes.

USB chargers not only transmit power source and absorb surplus power but also data and signal at the same time; dual roles of power and dual roles of data. That's why USB type C can reach 3V and 20V with programmable power supply by USB power delivery. Thus, its applications get wider and wider, which are from mobile devices to vehicle equipment. Some experts predicted vehicles equipment will be the next trends.

Astek USB charger best buy includes the uses of USB 1.0/2.0, USB 3.0, USB 4.0; from type A to C; from AC DC usb charger battery to DC-DC usb charger for car; between wall mount and desktop. Accept customized design too. If more inquiries, please feel free to touch us asap. Thank you.  

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