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Astek catch your demand on Power Supply Astek catch Your Demand on Power Supplies '
  • APB045 45W Battery Charger

    * Input 90~264VAC *output 12V~48V*Protections: Short Circuit/Overload/ Overvoltage* 2 steps Charging Led Indicator *Charging with Constant Voltage mode*High Efficiency *100 % burn-in test *one year warranty

  • AGA030-CC 20W-30W Desktop Charger battery

    *Input 90~264VAC *Output 3~33V *Pass LPS,class2 *6V~33V with reverse protection*Constant volt &constant current mode*2 color LED indicator shows loading status *High Efficiency & Reliability

  • AGA015-CC 12W-15W Desktop Charger

    *Input 90~264VAC *Output 5V~48V *Pass LPS*High Efficiency & Reliability*Protections: Overvoltage/over current/Short Circuit *Compact package * UL, cUL, CB,LPS, CE, FCC approved. *Warranty one year

  • AGA015-CC 12W-15W wall mount Charger

    *input VAC *output 5V-48V *Pass LPS*High Efficiency & Reliability*Protection:Overvoltage/over current/Short Circuit *Compact package * UL, cUL, CB,LPS, CE, FCC approved. *100% burn-in test *Warranty one year

  • AGA006-CC 4W-6W wall mount Charger

    *input 90-264VAC *output 3V-48V*Pass LPS *High Efficiency & Reliability *Protections: Overvoltage/over current/Short Circuit *Compact package UL,cUL,CB,LPS, CE,FCC approved*Warranty one year