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Astek Battery Charger Power Supply

We understand "charger" charges the battery and then give power sources to devices, so battery charger settings, safety and reliability are most critical. 

There are good points about Astek battery chargers as below:
*Battery Charger settings: Floating/ Fast charging

*Constant current and constant voltage mode
*2/3/6 Steps Led Indicator
*2 stages, 3 stages, 6 stages charging
*Output 5V~56V, max. 500W
*smart charger

*Battery Charger universal for Lead Acid/Lithium-ion/nimh/car/usb and other Batteries
* Chargers with IEC60950-1/IEC62368-1/IEC60601-1 medical approved.

For more inquiries, please touch us Thank you. 


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