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Korean EMC called MSIP (formerly KCC)

KCC mark

Unlike other countries, there are separate certification managements based on the different requirements of EMC, wireless RF, and communications TELEC, South Korea has integrated EMC/RF/TELECOM certification into MSIP certification for the convenience of management. The certification name of Korean wireless communication certification has gone through the development process from MIC to KCC and then to MSIP.

Firstly, let’s introduce KCC, the predecessor of MSIP. KCC certification is a mandatory certification for wireless telecommunications equipment and products implemented in accordance with South Korea’s "Basic Telecommunications Law" and "Radio Wave Law". Later, because KC separated Safety and EMC, EMC was also included in the KCC certification category. The Korean Communications Commission KCC is responsible for the management of telecommunications products, and authorized the Radio Research Agency (RRA, Radio Research Agency) as its certification body to implement specific certification work for products. KCC certification is tested by a Korean laboratory accredited by its predecessor MIC certification, and a type approval certificate is issued by RRA.

From July 1, 2013, the organization responsible for EMC/RF/TELECOM certification in South Korea has been converted from KCC (Korea Communications Commission) to MSIP (Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning). According to this, KC The beginning of the ID code in the LOGO will be changed from KCC to MSIP, and the rest remain unchanged.

According to the category of the product, MSIP is mainly divided into the following 3 certification types:
1. Conformity Certification: wireless communication equipment, such as telephones, regulators, fax machines, etc.
2. Conformity registration: electrical appliances.
3. Interim Certification: for equipment that has no standard currently

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