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The full name of VDE is Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker, whose VDE Testing and Certification Institute is one of the most experienced test certification and inspection bodies in Europe since its inception in 1920 in Germany. It is a CE notified body authorized by the European Union and a member of the international CB organization. In Europe and internationally, VDE has obtained the CENELEC European certification system for electrical products, the European coordination system for CECC electronic component quality assessment, and the worldwide IEC electrical products and electronic component certification system. The products evaluated include a wide range of electrical and IT equipment, industrial and medical technology equipment, assembly materials and electronic components, wire and cable, etc. for household and commercial use.

As a neutral, independent organization, VDE's laboratories perform integrated verification of electrical products in accordance with German VDE national standards or European EN standards, or IEC International Electrotechnical Commission standards. In many countries, the VDE verification mark is even more famous than the domestic verification mark, especially recognized by importers and exporters. It completes a total of 18,000 verification projects per year for nearly 2,200 German companies and 2,700 customers in other countries. To date, 200,000 electrical products in nearly 50 countries have received the VDE logo.

The safety awareness of electrical technology products is based on protecting consumers themselves. VDE values safety and quality and offers a full range of specialized services. In addition to providing the renowned VDE marking inspection service, VDE provides inspection services based on domestic and international standards, and has obtained license bases for electrical technology products in many countries around the world. In international business, VDE has established close working relationships with inspection and certification organizations in 50 countries around the world.

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