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Astek Adapter

It's our pleasure to introduce Astek Adapters briefly. For more product information, please surf our website "". Thank you.


*Switching Power Supply at 90~264VAC

*Wide Output Voltage  3VDC~56VDC

*Wide Output Watt    5W~310W

*Newest US efficiency level DOE VI compliance

*Various Mechanical type:

 plug pack Adaptor: US/EU/UK/AU/China/Korea

 Interchangeable Plug Adaptor: US/EU/UK/AU/China/Korea/South Africa

 Desktop: C6/C8/C14/C18 inlet, USB socket provided too.

 Cord-in Cord-out(Non-depatchable)

 Slim adapter with C8 inlet

 POE Adapter

*Fixed and Adjustable output voltage

*Multiple safety approvals, like CB, UL, cUL, CE, FCC, BSMI, CCC, PSE ect..

*Application for External Power Supply use:

 IT, Audio, 3C, Charger with Constant Voltage Mode, Communication, Motor, printer  

 and so on. IF Motor/printer use, please also inform us Peak Power and Duty Cycle.


Please inquire us soon. Thanks. 

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