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 GS Safety approval on Power Supply UnitsGS means "Geprufte Sicherheit" in German (safety has been certified). GS certification is based on the German Product Safety Law (SGS) and is a voluntary certification for testing in accordance with the EU unified standard EN or German industrial standard DIN. It is a recognized German safety certification mark in the European market.  GS mark indicates that the safety of the product has been tested by an independent organization with credibility. Although the GS mark is not a legally mandatory requirement, it can indeed make the manufacturer subject to strict German (European) product safety laws when the product fails and causes an accident. Therefore, the GS logo is a powerful marketing tool that can enhance customers' confidence and desire to buy. Although GS is a German standard, most European countries accepted. And while meeting the GS certification, the products will also meet the requirements of the European Community CE marking. Unlike CE, there is no legal requirement for the GS mark, but the safety awareness has penetrated into consumers, an electrical appliance with the GS mark may be more competitive in the market than another products.The European Community CE regulations, 1997.1.1. began to control "Low Voltage Directive (LVD)". GS already contains all the requirements of the "Low Voltage Directive (LVD)". Therefore, after obtaining the GS mark, TUV will issue the CE certificate (COC) of LVD without any charge. After 1997, TUV Rheinland's certificate includes the LVD certificate into the GS certificate, that is, the manufacturer obtained the LVD certificate when applying for GS.GS certification body1. German certification agencies: They are usually well-known domestic German GS certification agencies include TUV Rheinland (TUV RHEINLAND), TUV SUD (called TUV SÜD in China, also known as TUV PS), VDE, etc., directly from Germany Recognized GS certification organization.2. Other certification bodies: They are usually other European GS certification bodies that cooperate with Germany include Italy IMQ, SGS, KEMA, ITS, NEMKO, DEMKO, Eurofins, etc.Astek power supply units are/with TUV-GS certificate. If you are interested in, please feel free to touch us info@astekglobe.com. https://www.astekglobe.com/hot_368079.html GS Safety approval on Power Supply Units 2021-01-15 2022-01-15
Astek Globe 9Fl-1., No. 428, Chung Hsiao E. Road, Xizhi Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan https://www.astekglobe.com/hot_368079.html
Astek Globe 9Fl-1., No. 428, Chung Hsiao E. Road, Xizhi Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan https://www.astekglobe.com/hot_368079.html
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Astek catch your demand on Power Supply Astek catch Your Demand on Power Supplies '


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Words from Astek Project Manager


As Astek Project manager, I need to highlight the details about the customers’ required specification of switching power supplies, source the adapters/open frames lines if off shelf meet their demand. If not, I’ll summarize the differences and discuss with the engineer how to approach the specifications; modified the circuit or add components for open frames/power adaptors or open a new project. And then, I shall advise the customer about the conclusion and check if he/she accepts it. So, I’m a bridge between the customers and the engineers or other staff.


When it’s fortunate to take the project, sometimes, I have to re-apply safety certifications or standards; like IEC60335, IEC60065 and RCM, KC, BSI etc. I follow up and examine every step, communicate with different departments, and control time schedules from samples, try run and mass production for power supply and chargers. Gradually, we win customers’ reliabilities and thumbs-up. So, I’m a communicator and negotiator too.


As for IEC/EN/UL62368-1 & 60601-1 desktop adapters, plug-in adaptors, open frames and chargers on the product lists, we make several brain storming meetings and collect the data from the market trends, customers’ demand, newest Safety Directives, the efficiency levels, environmental regulations, and finalize the specifications for the standards. From the Astek website, you’ll see the integrity

and variety of adapters, open frames and chargers.


Please let us have chance to work with you and make all projects and dreams come true!


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