Products醫療適配器AAM200 200W Medical Desktop Adapter

AAM200 200W Medical Desktop Adapter

AAM200 200W Medical Desktop Adapter

*Universal AC Input Range

*Regulated Output with low ripple noise

*Protections: Short Circuit/ Overvoltage/Over current/Over Temperature

*DOE VI, Energy star, ErP step 2

*ANSI/AAMI/IEC/EN ES60601-1:2012(60601 edition 3.1)

* EMC: IEC60601-1-2:2014(edition 4.0)

*Means of Protection: 2 * MOPP

*Modified and custom design provided

*2 years warranty

Input Voltage: 90~264VAC

Frequency: 50~60Hz

Input current: 2.5-0.9A

Protection: Internal Primary current fuse

Efficiency : DOE VI

Touch Current <100uA

Part No Rated O/P(current max.)

AAM200-S12-z 12V/16A/192W

AAM200-S18-z 18V/11A/198W

AAM200-S19-z 19V/10.5A/199.5W

AAM200-S24-z 24V/8.3A/199.2W

AAM200-S48-z 48V/4.17A/200.16W 14=C14, 06=C6, 08=C8

Mechanical C8/C14/C6 inlet, Size: 204*81*42.5(mm), weight: 880g

Load Regulation: +/-5% (Typical)

Ripple 2% Vp-p Max. for output voltage @full load

Transient Response: 0.5mS for 50% Load Change Typical

Hold Up Time: 10mS @full load

Operating Temperature: 0~40degree C Storage Temperature: -20~80degree C

Operating Humidity: 20~80% RH Storage Humidity: 10~90% RH

Topology: LLC

Dielectric withstand: 4000VAC Primary to Secondary

EMI Conduction& Radiation: Compliance EN55011 class B

Harmonic current: Compliance EN61000-3-2

EMS Immunity: Compliance IEC60601-1-2

MTBF: 300,000 Calculated Hours at 25。C, by Telcordia SR-332

Cooling: Natural Cooling convection