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Car charger in European Union


Car charger in European Union

Car charger is car adapter and DC DC charger, used in car to charge the devices. Astek car chargers are with Single/Double USB adaptor and adapters with cigar plugs with e-mark compliance. Normally, EU customers register with The Whole Vehicle Type Approval(WVTA) with Astek Car chargers.

The European Union(EU) is an internal economic and political market in Europe 28 member countries. Also, it’s one of our important markets.

Thanks to environmental concerns, electronic vehicles are more and more popular in Euro Union. So do their accessories, including car chargers. When importing to EU members, there are two regulations executed simultaneously; EEC Directives (standards: EU Directives) for e-mark and ECE Regulations for E-mark on Euro market. The member states will adjust the laws by the local differences.

Here come e-mark and E-mark:

   X=country number

1. Testing Standard: 72/245/EEC, 95/54/EC, Chapter 8

2. Major Testing item:

(1) EMI Test

(2) EMS Test- It depends on products.