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Profile on the Open Frame in Germany

Open Frame is without profile and used inside of application, so its quality and life are really important because the device couldn’t run if open frame is dead. One of our Germany customer has made us deeply understand and emphasize on the quality and compact size on Open Frames. They use Astek Open Frame in the street light. As you know, its duty cycle is long and continuous, used outside, especially rainy, snowy, hot and stormy days. Thus, its costs of replacement and repair are high and more difficult. A switching power supply is the heart of the light. We are glad and proud Astek Open Frames accompany with these lights to lighten peoples’ lives.

Germany seeks truth from facts. They are clever and love to make experiments and discover the new truth. They work hard and brave to invent and design. No wonder why they own a huge of patents in the world. Under this situation, it’s normal to get some customized requests and challenges. Gradually, we are happy to grow with them.

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