ATP300 300 watt Open Frame Switching Power Supply3
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Home Products Open Frame ATP300 300 watt Open Frame Switching Power Supply

ATP300 300 watt Open Frame Switching Power Supply

*Input 90~264VAC *Output 24V/54V, *Small Size: 3" * 5"* 0.9" footprint design *High Efficiency *OVP/OLP/SCP *UL/CUL/CB/CE *UL/EN/IEC62368-1, UL/EN/IEC60950-1*Industrial/Medical power supply


ATP300 Open Frame Switching Power Supply

*Industrial Power Supply

*Medical Power Design Also Provided

*Small Size: 3" * 5" footprint design
*UL/EN/IEC62368-1, UL/EN/IEC60950-1

*Application: Industrial, Printer, Network System, Telecommunication and Storage System.

Input Voltage: 90-264VAC
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Input current: @115VAC 6Arms;@230VAC 3Arms
Inrush Current: Cold Start @115VAC; @230VAC at 25°C No components damaged
Part No           V1(current max.)  Aux. output  Standby  R&N(mV p-p)

ATP300-S24       24V/12.5A/300W   12V/0.3A    5V/0.5A   100~250mV p-p

ATP300-S54       54V/5.55A/300W   12V/0.3A    5V/0.5A   100~500mV p-p

1. Load regulation is tested at 10% to 100% of rated load.

2.Peak-to-peak for 200W(convection rating)@115VAC min; Measurements with 20MHz bandwidth and terminated with 10µF electrolytic Cap. in parallel with 0.1µF ceramic Cap.

3.54V/5.55A 300W Max. with 20CFM Forced air.

Line Regulation: +/- 0.5%
Load Regulation: +/- 5%
Efficiency: 89~91%
Turn-On Time (full load @115VAC): 3sec
Hold-up Time (full load @115VAC): 10ms
Safety Ground Leakage Current (Class I @230VAC 50Hz) <3.5mA
Over Voltage Protection: Latch Off(110~170%)
Over Load Protection: Latch/Auto Recovery (110%~200%)
Short Circuit Protection:V1 Latch, Aux output/Standby Hiccup/Auto Recovery
Operating Temperature: 0-50 degree C
Storage Temperature: -40~85 degree C

Derating Output (50~70°C):  -2.5% per °C
Storage Humidity: 5% ~ 95% RH

Vibration: Random-Operating, 3 axes, 50~500Hz, 10minutes/axis, 2.4Grms Max.

Shock: Operating, Half Sine, 3 axes, 10mS, 6 Shocks Total, 20Gpk Max.
Safety and EMC: UL, cUL, CB, CE
Spec Attached: ATP300.pdf