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AC DC Switching Power Supply

Every day, we need electricity to power on the daily devices. Let’s see how it work. After the power plant sends thousands of AC high voltages of 20,000 volts, it is stepped down to 100V and 200V through the transformer in the pole before being sent to the general household. The outlet in the house supplies AC power, so after the AC/DC power supply conversion circuit, the DC power is supplied to the household appliance.

The type we insert into the appliance is open frame power supply. Another with a plastic case, AC plug/AC inlet and DC connector is power adaptor. As to the usages, there are IT switching power supplies, medical power supply units, battery chargers, USB chargers and DC DC car adaptors. These are on Astek’s power supplies product lists.

About the switching power supplies design, at the initial stage, the required specifications must be confirmed.

1. Input voltage range, output voltages/currents

2. Standby power

3. Max./min./cooling temperature

4. The allowable area/heights in size

5. Necessary protection: such as overcurrent, overvoltage, and over temperature

6. Special environments/application: like used in tropic zone or with aerospace…

7. Costs

Evaluation and trial

1. Use evaluation board / work

2. Make a test board, run under preset conditions and evaluate performance

3. Debugging, optimization

4. Distinguish Compliance / non-compliance with specifications and safety standards.

5. Reserved space for modification and upgrade by customers’ demand or when new safety standards enforced.

When evaluating, carefully check the output voltage, load current, temperature upper limit, etc. If the design is not able to withstand the temperature, it is easy to deviate from the required specifications during mass production, or because the batch affects the yield. The characteristics of the components that make up the circuit are different, so it is important to understand the characteristics of the part and design an article that meets the specifications. During this period, it’s critical to choose the right components, power supply layout and circuits.

After then, the design of power supplies is closed to complete and initiate the mass production. Before the shipments, our factory will inspect with Chroma and 100% burn-in tests.

Any inquiries, please feel free to touch us.

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