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EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)

 EMC is an abbreviation for Electromagnetic Compatibility, which is “no electromagnetic interference to other equipment, even if it is subjected to electromagnetic interference from other equipment and still maintains the original performance”, which is called “electromagnetic compatibility”.

 “Do not make the other equipment electromagnetic interference” means this performance shall consciously ensure. EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) is a term that refers to electromagnetic interference. Since the emission of electromagnetic waves causes interference, it is often used in pairs with the term Emission (radiation, emission). In terms of switching power supply, it means switching noise due to on/off operation.

In contrast, the term "even by electromagnetic interference from other devices" is EMS (Electromagnetic Susceptibility) - electromagnetic sensitivity. EMS is often used in pairs with Immunity (tolerance, immunity, and elimination). It is required to have the ability to withstand "no problem such as malfunction even if it is subjected to EMI".CI (Conducted Immunity) and RI (Radiated Immunity) are the categories of EMI.

EMI is divided into Conducted Emission and Radiated Emission. Conducted noise refers to noise transmitted through a wire or PCB layout. Radiation noise refers to the noise emitted (radiated) into the environment. For these noises, there are immunity requirements in the EMS.

Every country always has its own regulation, like CE for Euro, FCC for USA, VCCI for Japan, BSMI for Taiwan. Some are included into the safety approval, like RCM and KC and so on.

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