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NRCan is the Natural Resources Department of Canada (NRCan, the authority administration) for energy efficiency reporting.

Manufacturers and importers must independently verify that their products meet applicable energy efficiency requirements before they are completed and submitted to NRCan, the authority administration for energy efficiency reporting. This certification verifies the products meets Canadian standards provided by a certified body accredited by the Canadian Standard committee. All regulated energy products manufactured in Canada, imported into Canada or sold in Canada must stick the energy saving verification mark issued by an accredited certified body.

The 14th edition of NRCan (the Natural Resources Canada) Energy Efficiency Regulations was issued to the Canadian Gazette (Part II) on October 31 of 2018, which means the amendments will take effect soon. With regulatory changes and reduced impact on manufacturers, it is expected to be enforced six months later, that is, the effective date is May 1, 2019.

In the 14th edition of the revision, on household and commercial information products, it affected "External Power Supplies" and "Battery Chargers" with the following details:

External Power Supplies: Synchronized with the US Department of Energy (US DoE), from the original energy efficiency level 4 requirements to the sixth level. You can also use the US federal regulations (10 C.F.R. Appendix Z).

Battery Chargers: The required content is the same as the Battery Chargers category to be enforced by the US Department of Energy on June 13, 2018. Test methods can be used in Canadian Standard CSA C381.2-17 or US Federal Regulations (10 C.F.R. Appendix Y). Battery Chargers manufactured, assembled or sold after June 13, 2019 are subject to regulatory requirements.

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