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How to make the open frame power supply inside the application work well? 4
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How to make the open frame power supply inside the application work well?

Sometimes, the open frame power supplies vs applications are just like shoes to people. Good shoes will make you walk well and comfortable. So do the open frames. Good switching power supplies also prolong the life of equipment.

Besides the open frame units on Astek open frames lists, we also take customized projects. When running a new project and design the pcb power supplies, it’s important for us to check the below:

1. How many voltage ranges at input?

2. How many voltages and currents does the application needs?

3. Any size limits? If PCB power supply is too big or high, it’s difficult to match the inside space. The engineer shall consider the quality and size of these components and they are easy to purchase (product source stability) and layout on the PCB boards.

4. What’s its duty cycle? Does it run 7 hours continuously in 24 hours or others conditions?

5. What is the environments it works? Ambient temperature? Working temperature? Inside or outside the house? As for cooling convection, besides the heat from open frame and devices working, it’s also important that the position where power supply is and if good ventilate. Heat will cause the output derating.

6. What kind of category of safety approvals the application belongs to? Is it IEC62368-1, IEC60601-1 or any others?

7. Any special requirements on the specifications? Some are used in high heights; another in low places. Some are used in hot; another in cold places. Some countries are with unstable input voltages. Some places are easy to Electrostatic.

The more details we get from the customers, the best the power supplies customized design. For more information, please contact us asap.

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