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Requirements about White medical adapters from Japan customer

Some time, one Japan customer inquired the adapter in white with PSE medical grade. Though it’s all right for us to provide medical white adapter, there were two points we had to highlight:

1) Concerning PSE, there are no medical grade for adapters, but with IEC60950-1 normally.

Let’s brief talk about PSE of Adapters. About adapters, it’s mandatory level, Specified Products: Category A by Japan Denan Law. Certification accreditation Body(CAB), recognized by METI, responsible for product certification and factory inspection. PSE validity is 5years. After approval and before import to Japan, the local representative register with duplicate to METI.

2) Due to color difference on adapters and AC cords, we would check what the customer Pentone color code is or if standard white acceptable. After that, when samples of plug pack made, there are color difference between adapters and AC cords. So, it’s critical at samples stage for sample tests and checking colors.

We explained them Japan PSE certification and registration from local representative. Also, we suggest them choose Astek medical adapter with IEC60601-1 and IEC60950-1 because of global markets and more suitable in use with medical devices.

At the same time, before samples made, we checked the details of specifications and white color carefully. The project went through samples, try run and mass production stages till now. It took several months to run those procedures, however, it saves more time and costs in use in now and future.

It’s the regular procedures to cooperate with Japan customers. Prevention is better than treatment. It’s not easy to work with them but you will learn more from them.

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