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Astek Thin adaptor

As it says, slim external adapter/battery charger is thin and small. Due to small size, the ports/socket and components are with higher level and tiny size. Usually, customers adopt them for the whole package with applications and saving the freight.

Summarizing the unique selling points of thin adapter as below,

Universal Input Voltage 90~264VAC          

Output watt: 240W/150W/90W/70W/65W/50W/45W/36W

Output Voltage: 12V~24V                      

Single Output

Thin Size Design, height 16.8~27mm                           

International Safety Certifications compliance

High Efficiency level

Environmental Regulation: meet ErP, ROHS, REACH, PFOS, SVHC etc.

Mechanical: Desktop power adaptor with C6/C8 inlets

Over Voltage/Over load/Short Circuit/Over temperature Protection

100% Burn-in/QA/QC/Chroma tests before deliveries

Astek slim adapter is the best buy. If you are interested in, please inquire us or check our website “Products/Adapter”.

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