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Astek USB Charger battery

The main functions of USB Ports are data transmission, power delivery and less power cable configuration. Thanks to small size, easy to use, best work efficiency and reasonable cost, USB chargers used on different equipment devices, such as TV, computers, laptops, iPads, mobile phones, printers, monitor displays, and car data and entertainment transmission.

We introduce Astek USB charger as below, 

Single USB Ports     Output: 3V~56V, 5W~90W
                             AC plug: interchangeable  US/EU/AU/UK/CCC/Korea
                                           fixed  US/EU/UK/AU 2pins and 3pins                           
Dual USB Ports       Output 5V/2.1A & 5V/2.1A, max. 21W
                             AC plug: EU plug

4 and 6 USB port:  Output: 5V, max. 50W
                            USB Type C
                            Quick charger
                            Interchangeable plugs, US/EU/CCC plugs

Car single/dual USB Ports charger     Output: 5W~31W @5V

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