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Good day, 

Now, we are glad to introduce you our new products. Also, we take the projects of customized swtching power supply, ODM chargers and customized open frame power supplies designs. If you are interested in, please touch me info@astekglobe.com asap.  

ATP460-D Dual output Open Frame smps

ATP460-D1254     12V/5A              54V/7.34A

              12V_PG: 3.3V/1mA      54V_PG: 3.3V/1mA  
Small Size: 98.9 * 187.8 * 34mm footprint design

Safety and EMC: UL, cUL, CB, CE

ATP300 Single output Open Frame power supply

ATP300-S24       24V/12.5A/300W   12V/0.3A    5V/0.5A   100~250mV p-p
ATP300-S54       54V/5.55A/300W   12V/0.3A    5V/0.5A   100~500mV p-p

Small Size: 3" * 5" footprint design

Safety and EMC: UL, cUL, CB, CE

ASD018 SERIES  18W DC DC car Charger adapter

*Wide Input Voltage 9VDC to 30VDC

*High Reliability and Efficiency

*Optional Output connectors

*Constant Current (CC) mode

ASD018-S05      5-6V            2.7-2.25A            13.5W   75

ASD018-S06      6-8V            2.25-1.88A         13.5-15W  75

ASD018-S09      8-11V           1.88-1.36A            15W   75

ASD018-S12      12-15V          1.5-1.2A              18W   78

ASD018-S15      15-19V          1.2-0.95A             18W   78

ASD018-S19      19-24V          0.95-0.75A            18W   78

ASD018-S24      24-29V          0.75-0.63A            18W   78

ASD018-S30      30-48V          0.63-0.38A            18W   75

Safety: Meet CE and FCC, EMC Emission CISPR 12; CISPR 15, EMC Immunity ISO11452-1~7;ISO76370~3

Also, we are developing 2 stages/3 stages/6 stages battery charger indicators at 18W/40W/60W/70W/90W. 

Sincerely yours, 


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