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Good day, 

Now, we are glad to introduce you our new products. If you are interested in, please touch me asap.  

ATP460-D Dual output Open Frame smps

ATP460-D1254     12V/5A              54V/7.34A

              12V_PG: 3.3V/1mA      54V_PG: 3.3V/1mA  
Small Size: 98.9 * 187.8 * 34mm footprint design

Safety and EMC: UL, cUL, CB, CE

ATP300 Single output Open Frame PSU

ATP300-S24       24V/12.5A/300W   12V/0.3A    5V/0.5A   100~250mV p-p
ATP300-S54       54V/5.55A/300W   12V/0.3A    5V/0.5A   100~500mV p-p

Small Size: 3" * 5" footprint design

Safety and EMC: UL, cUL, CB, CE

ASD018 SERIES  18W DC DC car Charger adapter

*Wide Input Voltage 9VDC to 30VDC

*High Reliability and Efficiency

*Optional Output connectors

*Constant Current (CC) mode

ASD018-S05      5-6V            2.7-2.25A            13.5W   75

ASD018-S06      6-8V            2.25-1.88A         13.5-15W  75

ASD018-S09      8-11V           1.88-1.36A            15W   75

ASD018-S12      12-15V          1.5-1.2A              18W   78

ASD018-S15      15-19V          1.2-0.95A             18W   78

ASD018-S19      19-24V          0.95-0.75A            18W   78

ASD018-S24      24-29V          0.75-0.63A            18W   78

ASD018-S30      30-48V          0.63-0.38A            18W   75

Safety: Meet CE and FCC, EMC Emission CISPR 12; CISPR 15, EMC Immunity ISO11452-1~7;ISO76370~3

Also, we are developing 2 stages/3 stages/6 stages battery charger indicators at 18W/40W/60W/70W/90W. 

Sincerely yours, 


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