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Astek Medical Power Supply

Please note Astek Medical Power supply divides into two types; adaptor and open frame psu with below features:

*Switching Power Supply at 90~264VAC

*Wide Output Voltage 5VDC~56VDC

*Wide Output Watt 15W~200W

*Newest Medical grade standards


*Newest US efficiency level DOE VI compliance

*Various Mechanical type:Fixed plug Adaptor: US/EU/UK/AU

Interchangeable Plug Adaptor: US/EU/UK/AU/South Africa

Desktop: C6/C8/C14/C18 inlet

**Open Frame

*Single/Dual/Triple/Quadruple Output Voltage

*High efficiency

*Small Size 2" * 4" or 3"*5" depends on Models

At medical inquiry, it's important to know its application. There are MOPP and MOOP. It depends on whether patients touch it or not. 2MOPP(means "Patient Protection") refers to two independent systems of insulation protection from dangerous high voltages. So, when inquiry, if possible, please advise us if 2MOPP needs.

Please inquire us info@astekglobe.com soon. Thanks.


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