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(safety for Russia, Belorussia, Kazakh)

Regulated by Customs Alliance

To Russia, Belorussia, Kazakh power supply importers, those are special market and worth extending and developing the markets. 

EAC is the new safety for Russia, Belorussia, Kazakh since Feb. 15 of 2013. Before power supplies export to Russia, Belorussia, and Kazakh, EAC is required to get approved and clear the customs. 

There are three basic technical standards:

  1.      CU TR 004/2011: Low Voltage Electronic products(AC 50V-1000V 以及 DC 75V-1500V)
  2.       CU TR 010/2011: Mechanical products
  3.        CU TR 020/2011: EMC
For more questions about EAC on power supplies, please contact us asap.

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