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How to put the open frame power supply inside the application?

How to put the open frame inside my product before samples made? Though I provided him the spec and the mechanical drawing, my customer still asked so. Thank to precise checking, I e-mailed him three-dimension picture. He was happy for that and checked with it.

When run a new project, it’s easy to find some interesting requirements and questions. We do our best to satisfy what they need. Like open frame, the size and cooling convection are critical to the device. If PCB power supply is too big or high, it’s difficult to match the inside space. However, it’s dilemma for the engineer between choose the components and layout. He should consider the quality and size of these components and they are easy to purchase (product source stability) and layout on the PCB boards. As for cooling convection, besides the heat from open frame and devices working, it’s also important that the position where power supply is and if good ventilate.

When you hear “How to put the open frame power supply inside the application?”, Umm, it’s philosophical just like “How to put the elephant into refrigerator?”. A good design comes from a strange and creative idea. It’s our pleasure to approach.

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