AGD031-D 31W Dual USB Ports DC DC Car Charger3
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Home Products Car Charger AGD031-D 31W Dual USB Ports DC DC Car Charger

AGD031-D 31W Dual USB Ports DC DC Car Charger

*DC DC Car Adapter* Input 12V-24VDC*High Reliability and Efficiency*Compact package *One year warranty*Low Ripple Noise*Application: Car charger *one year warranty


AGD031-D  31W Dual USB Ports DC DC Car Charger

 *DC DC Car Adapter

*Wide Input Voltage 12VDC to 24VDC

*High Reliability and Efficiency

*Compact package

*One year warranty

*Low Ripple Noise

*Application: Car charger, Automobile charger, Vehicle adapter

Input Voltage: 12-24VDC

Input current: 12V: 750mA max.,  24V:1500mA max.

Power connector: Car Cigarette lighter

Input short circuit current: 12V & 24V: <=2.5A

Part No                   O/P 1           O/P 2             watt Max      

AGD031-S05-D      5V/3.1A       5V/3.1A            31W

output volts range: 4.75V~5.25V  

Ripple & Noise (Vp-p): 300mV max.

No load Input current: <=30mA

Efficiency  : 12V and 24V >=80%

DC DC chip full load work Temperature: 40degree C

Output connector: USB connector

Safety: Meet CE and FCC
spec Attached: AGD031-D